Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair Review


Infinity Iyashi is the massage chair with the longest massage stroke of 49 inches in the industry. The chair is among the top high-end massage chairs that are high priced and made for customers with the most demands.

The chair has everything from a sliding base to spinal correction and 2 zero gravity positions.

Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Click Here To See The Current Price of Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair on Amazon

Price and Discounts

The prices on Amazon keep on fluctuating so its hard to mention the exact price. To check on what rates the manufacturer is currently selling the chair, please visit the product page on Amazon (link below).


  • Max User Weight (lbs): 5.1 inch 258 lbs
  • Recommended User Height:  5.1 inches — 6.6 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs): 258 lbs
  • Colors: Red, Brown, Caramel
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Warranty: 3 Year (details below)
  • Motors: 8

Infinity Iyashi Feature #1 |L-track Robot (49 inches stroke)

Back in the days when Infinity Iyashi was released, chairs with tailbone reach were considered the height of robotic massage technology. But Infinity changed the trend with their L-track intelligent robot and 49 inches massage stroke that could take the massage rollers below the seat.

An L-track robot is not only capable of following the exact shape and curvature of your spine, but can also provide roller massage for lower body i.e., buttocks and glutes.  There aren’t much odds of you not falling in love with this feature.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #2 | Posture Correction

Posture Correction is one of the features that most people loved in this chair. Its really a useful feature to have which most of the chairs don’t support.

Even you might have noticed in your surroundings how bad people with awkward postures look while walking and standing or you might be a victim yourself. It’s not that someone adopts it intentionally, but our daily activities that lead to spoiled posture.

Thanks to infinity, now you can correct your posture and that too while relaxing in your room.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #3 | 2 Zero Gravity Positions

Yes, you read it right! Its a chair with 2 zero gravity positions. Yet another feature that outclasses others. (Check this article for more 2 zero gravity position massage chairs.)

Infinity Iyashi Feature #4 | 6 Massage Modes

A wide variety of massage modes make this chair perfect for every massage taste. The chair supports: Knocking, Tapping, Kneading, Synchronic, combination and Shiatsu.

All of which can be altered in intensity and new massage modes can be created with the with the combination mode.

Infinity Iyashi Feature #5 | A Peace Loving Chair!

A strange title, I know. What I meant was that the chair makes the least sound while in action. Some chairs get noisy when the airbags inflate or even when the rollers are working.  Which makes it kind of hard to relax while bearing the sort of noise.

But if you’re going to buy this chair. Be relieved! Because Iyashi has specifically worked to make the chair as quiet as it is supposed to be.

  • 2 Zero Gravity Positions
  • 49 inch massage stroke
  • L-track Intelligent Robot
  • Posture Correction
  • 6 Massage Modes: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Synchronic and Shiatsu
  • Foot Rollers
  • Heat Therapy
  • Thai Stretch Program
  • Waist Twist
  • Chromotherapy
  • No head or neck massage
  • High priced

What the Warranty Covers

Infinity shows its trust on Iyashi by providing 3 year warranty for parts, labor and structure. The first year warranty contract will cover the labor and parts cost. The second year supports parts and the third year only supports structure warranty.

Click Here To See The Current Price of Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair on Amazon

The Final Word

The lack of neck and head massage is a weak end of this chair, especially at a price that high. But that doesn’t costs Iyashi its place in the high-end massage chairs. The world’s longest massage stroke, L-track, 2 zero gravity positions and more are all deal making features.

At the end, it all depends upon what you really want from your massage chair. If you think you’ll have a hard time getting over neck massage. You may want to keep on searching for your perfect massage chair. Otherwise, if money isn’t an issue the chair definitely deserves a place in your final considerations.

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