Best Massage EC-06C Shiatsu Massage Chair Review


Let me introduce you to one of the most popular massage chairs on Amazon: Bestmassage Ec-06C full body Shiatsu Massage Chair. This chair has been a top seller on Amazon since its release

best massage Ec-06C

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And is still maintaining its top rank.

The Bestmassage ec-06c is the cheapest full body massage chair on the market with features that make it a complete massage chair. In short, if you have less to spend (under thousand dollars)  and still want something that fulfills your massage needs, then this is the chair to get!

Before getting in to the review, I want to let you know that this is not a zero gravity massage chair. The absence of zero gravity helped the manufacturer cut the costs and make it available for consumers at a price that low. Yes, the absence of zero gravity is disappointing, but it’s something that you can’t really complain about at this price. If you’re looking for zero chairs check this list of top zero zero gravity massage chairs.


  1. Weight: 300lbs
  2. Weight Limit: Not Provided
  3. Airbags: 30
  4. Warranty: 1 Year
  5. Auto Programs: 4
  6. Voltage: 110V

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #1 | Tsubo Point Massage

The massage heads of this chair are programmed to target Tsubo points around your neck and whole body for instant stress relief.

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #2 | Heat Therapy

The chair has built in heat modules that can treat your lower back and feet with heat therapy. If you suffer from back pain and want a massage chair for pain relief than this is the chair to get.

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #3 | Intelligent Massage Rollers

The chair comes in with the Heat Intelligent Roller system which is one of its core attractions. These rollers easily adjust with the shape of your spine and massage your muscles accordingly.

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #4 | 4 Auto Programs and 8 Manual Modes

For the sake of making this chair user-friendly Best Massage has integrated 4 auto massage modes that already know the kind of massage styles effective to cure specific muscle disorders. These include: Recovery, Relax, Extend and Refresh.

The Manual massage modes that can be customized and combined according to your liking include: Flapping, Rolling, Kneading, Chop Action Tapping, Compression, Percussion, Vibration and off-course its a full body Shiatsu Massage Chair!

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #5 | Air Pressure Massage

The chair uses the latest Air Pressure massage technology which is effective in increasing skin blood flow and fatigue recovery. You can read about the whole study about the effects of air pressure massage here.

Best Massage Ec-06c Feature #6 | Ultra-Long Range for Tailbone Massage

Even some of the most expensive chairs don’t support Coccyx (tailbone) pain relief. Despite the fact that it is one of the most sore pains that can leave you in a state of delirium and intense ache all day long. Which also makes it a great option for people with in need of a tailbone massage therapy.

What the Warranty Covers?

Bestmassage backs this chair with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. To be honest, the warranty package is a weak end of this purchase since most companies at-least provide 3 years of warranty. But still, it sure can protect your money if anything goes wrong.

  • Full Body Shiatsu massage therapist in your home
  • Tsubo point targeted neck massage (for stress relief)
  • Heat Intelligent Roller System
  • Ultra Long Range for Tailbone Massage
  • Heat therapy in lumbar and foot area (for pain relief)
  • Air pressure massage
  • 4 Auto Programs and 8 Manual Massage Modes
  • Auto raise and recline of the backrest and ottoman.
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Wheel casters for improved mobility
  • The Cheapest chair with these features

One Year Warranty Package

  • Gets a bit noisy with airbag massage

Click Here to See Current Price of EC-06C Shiatsu Massage Chair on Amazon

The Final Word

As a final word, I’d just say that the chair isn’t only for people short on budget, because it offers so much more than what they charge for it. Though, if you’re a zero gravity lover you might want to explore a bit more. Or check the  Bm-ec 161 review which is the latest version of this product.

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