Fujita KN9003 Massage Chair Review


Fujita Kn90003 is a chair perfect for everyone even with distinct massage needs. The chair has everything from head massage to heat therapy and accupoint detection. The features it provides at the price are not even supported by chairs that are double in price.



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Actually, a few months before the chair was also being sold for $6000+, but fortunately the rates have decreased by a lot. And right now the chair is available on Amazon for $3000+. You may visit its Amazon product page to check its latest price as the rates keep fluctuating on Amazon.

But before covering what massage capabilities the chair has take a look at its specifications.


  • Weight: 285lbs
  • Power Consumption: 150W
  • Reclining Angles: 95-175 Degrees
  • Preset Auto Programs: 6
  • Warranty: 3 Years (More details below)

Price and Discounts

Sellers often provide limited time discounts. You can see the current discounted price (if available) by visiting the link below.

Fujita Kn9003 Feature #1 | New Foot Rollers

Foot rollers have the most pleasurable and therapeutic effect in a massage chair. The previous version of this chair (Fujita KN7005R ) had all the great features except foot rollers. And it is one of the core reasons why Fujita felt the need of a successor.

The chair supports 3 foot rollers for each of your soles. The Foot roller massage is so relaxing that its used as an effective tool to tackle sore and tired feet.

Fujita Kn9003 Feature #2 | Head Massage

Head Massage is a great tool to get relief from common headaches. Despite of its vital importance most chairs don’t support this feature. And these include even the most high-end chairs like: Inada Sogno Dreamwave, Infinity Iyashi and Osai OS 3D Pro.

Head massage is an anti-stress massage feature that soothes the head and scalp and improves blood circulation.

Fujita KN9003 Feature #3 | Thai Stretching Techniques

The chair supports the Thai stretching techniques that can relieve mental, emotional and muscular tension. These stretching techniques have been used for over 2,500 years. And closely relate to Yoga poses.

Fujita KN9003 #4 | Ultra-Long Range

The Fujita Kn9003 has a massage stroke of 31 inches. Not the longest of all the chairs, but definity enough to reach the tailbone. A must have feature for people with Coccyx (tailbone) pain.

Fuijta KN9003 #5 | Tsubo Point Targetted Neck Massage

A tsubo point tagetted neck massage can help alleviate stress and achieve relaxation on instant basis. The chair can target tsubo points with swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue masssage and more.

Fujita KN9003 Feature #6 | Heat Therapy

Fujita makes use of far-infrared rays to provide Heat massage. These rays can reach the most deep layers of tissues, muscles and bones. The penetrating effect of these rays helps relieving tense and sore muscles while stimulating increased blood flow.

The chair supports Heat Massage for: The waist, knee and ankle joints.

There is no heat massage available for the lumbar area. Which I think most people would love having in a massage chair.

What the Warranty Covers

Fuijta backs up the product with a 1  year In-Home (labor) warranty. 3 Years All parts warranty and 5 year structural warranty. The warranty package backs up the product for quite a long period which gives it an edge over well-known brands like Osaki, Infinity etc.

The warranty package Does Not includes any kind of intentional or unintentional damage to the product. Which may include: Improper installation, repairs from unauthorized sources, improper power supply damages etc.

  • One of the best valued massage chairs
  • Zero Gravity Massage
  • Infrared Body Scan
  • Waist Swaying Massage
  • Tsubo Point Targetted Neck Massage
  • Pelvis Swaying Massage
  • Thai Body Stretching Techniques
  • Quad Roller System
  • Tailbone reach with a 31 inches massage stroke
  • Air Massage (Adjustable)
  • 6 Health care programs
  • Foot and Calf Massager (with foot rollers)
  •  Head Massage
  • Far-Infrared Heat Therapy for: Waist, Knee and Ankle Joints
  • Male and Female modes with the press of a button
  • Roll Casters for Improved Mobility
  • Great Aesthatics
  • (None)

The Verdict

I know spending thousands of dollars on a massage chair ain’t that easy for many people. But if you’re in the circle who can afford it then you should probably take this chair seriously.

Its hard to name a thing the chair can’t do.

It ain’t an odd looking chair that you would want to place in a dark corner of the room, which is the problem with many massage chairs. The high-end features the chair provides at the price with the warranty package makes it absolutely the best purchase for massage lovers.

If you’re a person who prioritizes his own and family’s health and wellness above all. I would recommend you this chair with no doubt, especially at a time when the seller has cut out half the price.
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