Bm-ec161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review


After the massive success of Bm-ec 06c. The Bm-ec 161 also  seems to be the new big thing in the massage chair industry. The chair is launched at a jaw-dropping price with even more amazing features than its predecessor.

Zero Gravity Massage

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Though, customers loved what they got in the previous product. There were still some gaps for improvement which have been filled this time. I will be covering all the additions in details below, but first let’s check some of the specifications for this chair.


  1. Weight limit: 120 kgs (265lbs)
  2. Warranty: 1 Year
  3. Power: 110-220V
  4. Shipping Weight: 247 pounds


L-Track Massage Rollers

The addition of L-track massage rollers is the biggest addition made in this massage chair. While the previous version (ec-06c) only supported roller massage from head to lower back. This chair goes ahead in technology and provides a 49 inch long massage stroke. These 49 inches can cover your body from the neck to your thighs, while the remaining organs are massaged by aribags.

Although, L-track is a an expensive and high-end feature that other brands charge big bucks for. This chair is offering it for less than a thousands dollars!

Zero Gravity Massage

If you’ve been searching for your massage chair for a good time, and you’re familiar with how massage chairs work. Chances are, zero gravity is the last thing you’d want to compromise on.  Because eventually, who would not want to feel weightless and get massaged at the same time, right? But with high-end features comes higher price. Well, not anymore!

Because the bm-ec 161 comes with zero gravity massage that can provide a much more invigorating and relaxing massage experience than in a normal position. All of which in an amazingly budget friendly price.

Heat Massage Capabilities

As heat therapy is considered one of the most useful treatments to many types of back pain. Massage chairs have adopted heating modules as a part of their relaxing and healing tools which is why their use to tackle back pain has been widely increased.

The bm-ec 161 also comes with waist heating module that can be used in combination with a massage session. The heat therapy in this chair is specifically designed to relieve stiff waist, backaches and stomach cold.

Foot Rollers

Another addition made in this chair are the foot rollers. These are mainly used as instant relaxation providers. But foot massage or reflexology has also been proven to improve blood circulation, immunity and better sleep.

A short massage session with these foot rollers can drastically rejuvenate and relax your body after an exhausting day.

OPTO Sensor Adjustments

This weird sounding technology actually refers to the ability of this chair to adjusts its massage according to different shapes and contours of different people. This sensor can automatically adjust the chair to fit different shoulder positions. Which leads to a much more personalized massage to your body needs.

What the warranty covers:

The BM-ec 161 supports a 1 year warranty that includes parts and structural framework.

  • Cheap but feature-studded chair
  • L-track roller system
  • Zero Gravity
  • Foot rollers
  • Automatic shoulder adjust position
  • Heat therapy
  • Extendable footrest
  • Roller caster for improved mobility
  • 1 Year Warranty

Click Here to See The Current Price of BM EC-161 Zero Gravity Massage Chair on Amazon


Q1 ) Can tall people fit in this chair?

Ans: Max recommended height is 6 ft.

Q2) Do the foot massager extends?

Ans: Yes, it does.

Q3) How much space is required to fit the unassembled package through the doorway?

Ans: 35 inches wide door would do it.


The bm-ec161 is unique in a way that it’s not only the best choice for people who are short on budget, but literally everyone. When you buy this chair, you are not making any compromises whether its high-end features or the price.

It’s just the best bang for the buck. And you don’t get that with other brands. Which is the reason why I highly recommend to invest your money in this chair.

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