Review of Real Relax Favor-01 Full Body Massage Chair


The Real relax favor-01 might seem like just another newly launched massage chair, but it’s not! This chair has been setting a new standard about how complete an affordable massage chair can be, and has acquired great amount of success in doing so.

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Even though, it has only been a while since this massage chair was released, it has been selling like crazy. Which shows how much the customers are enjoying the features that were previously not available without spending $2000 or more.

Basically, this chair is available for well below a $1000 with features that were never previously included in a chair so budget friendly. So without further ado, let me explain to you how this chair beats its competitors selling at the same price.


  1. Package Weight: 166LB
  2. Power: 100W
  3. Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
  4. Model: Favor-01
  5. Brand: Real Relax

1. Zero Gravity Massage

Zero gravity massage is one of the most advanced robotic massage invention till date. Since most of the relief by massage is linked with relaxation, zero gravity state aids the body to reach deeper levels of relaxation by making you feel weightless.

This features was once owned by expensive massage chairs. But now, thanks to this chair. You can get your hands on it even by spending less.

2. Foot Massage Rollers

You don’t need to study reflexology to know the kind of healing energy that is stored in your feet. Because almost everyone has had a foot massage at least once in his life. Keeping this in mind, the Real Relax favor-01 has integrated foot rollers that can massage accupoints in your feet.

The spinning action of foot rollers while they are being pushed in to your feet is so immensely relaxing that you will find it hard not to fall asleep on the chair.

3) Heat Therapy

The Real Relax favor-01 massage chair is not only a relaxation promoting product, but has more medicinal usages. The chair is equipped with heating modules in the lumbar region to relive back pain. Perfect for people suffering from back pain.

Heat therapy has been clinically proven to eliminate or alleviate back pain. To read more on this topic read How massage chairs heal back pain.

4. Extendable Foot Massager and Waist Airbags

The Real Relax favor-01 comes in with a full foot and calf massager. While the feet are massaged both by the airbags and the foot rollers, the calves are massaged by 4 airbags which helps in increasing blood circulation all around the body. The foot massager is extendable, which means it can automatically scan and re-adjust itself to fit taller people.

Moreover, the waist airbags in the sides of the seat inflate individually at different times to stimulate your waist and hips.

5. VR Headsets

With all of these amazing features the Real Relax is currently giving away Google Cardboard Virtual Reality 3D Headsets which makes the deal even more interesting. These headsets cannot be used with the massage chair itself, but it has its own uses for playing smartphone games. Here is a quick unboxing video of the product.

  • Zero Gravity massage
  • Foot rollers
  • Roller massage for back
  • 8 Points targetted massage
  • 3 preset auto massage programs
  • Heat therapy for lumbar
  • Extendable foot rest
  • VR Headset from Google included
  • Full body massage chair
  • Roller casters for improved mobility
  • Best valued chair with the features


Warranty Details:

The chair is backed up with a 3 years warranty by the manufacturer. It is actually a really good warranty package, which shows the trust of the manufacturer in this product.

Click Here To See The Current Price of Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner on Amazon


Concluding the review, I would only say that Real Relax has built an amazing product at a more amazing price. The massage chair is a great option for people who are low on budget, simply because other massage chairs with the same features are selling for twice the price. And with the best massage chairs offer 3 year warranties and you the same with this package, this chair is literally the best bang for the buck.

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