Top 2 Relaxon Massage Chairs Reviewed


Relaxon massage chair is one of the most prominent names in the modern massage chair industry. It is the first brand to introduce First Class Airplane seats in a massage chair, and features like S Shape Rail massage rollers are also credited to Relaxon.

MK-II Plus Full Massage Chair with Built Heating and Air Massage System

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Currently, relaxon is dominating the massage chair industry with its 2 products: MKII (2016 flagship) and the MKIV (2017 flagship) which is more pricey, but comes with way better features. So in this post we’ll take a closer look at both the models, and compare what each model is offering for the price.


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Check The Current Price of MK-II Plus Full Massage Chair on Amazon

The relaxon MKII is a feature-studded, yet a budget friendly full body massage chair that comes with a 3 years warranty, features are discussed below.

3 Stage Ultra Zero Gravity Positions

The MKII is one of the few chairs in its price range that offer 3 zero gravity positions. And believe me, this is the last thing you would want to give up in your chair. It makes sure you won’t get bored sitting on the chair in one position for a long time. The great thing about zero gravity is that it promotes relaxation throughout the body, by which the massage you’re having would have a much better effect on any physical pain you’re body might be suffering from.

L-track Massage Rollers

The massage rollers in Relaxon MKII are precisely designed to mimic the motion of professional massage therapists. These rollers can perform a number of different massage techniques on your back including: kneading, tapping or the combo of both. With the L-track massage technology these rollers can now massage you from your neck deep down to your buttocks. Which was previously done by the compression of airbags.

Heating Pads

In addition to the massage rollers, the back rest also contains 2 heating pads that can be used with regular massage sessions. These heating pads are placed in the lumbar area of your back and can be used to heal sore muscles and get relief from back pain. The heating function is advised not to use during pregnancy, since increased body temperatures during pregnancy might cause complications.

  • 3 Stage Zero Gravity
  • L-track massage rollers
  • Heating pads
  • Full body stretching to increase flexibility
  • Dual foot rollers for reflexology
  • Extendable foot rest + calf massager
  • Capable of providing Deep tissue, kneading, tapping and combo
  • 4 auto massage programs
  • Adjustable massage speed and intensity
  • Requires a lot of space from the wall in zero gravity


The chair comes with a 3 year warranty. It covers all parts for the first year, the shipping costs for repair will be paid by the customers though. The remaining 2 years include structural framework .


Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built in Heating and Air Massage

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The MKIV is the latest flagship of relaxon. It comes with 3 programmable memory programs. This allows you to program any kind of massage session to your likeness from the beginning to the end varying in time, combination and sequence. Other major features of the chair are discussed below.

First Class Airplane Seats

Ever found a first class flight too good that you wished you could bring the comfort to your home? Well, with the Relaxon MKIV massage chair, now you can! Relaxon has integrated First Class Airplance seats to bring optimum comfort in your massage experience on this chair. The design of this seat also helps fit various body shapes and sizes. Which makes it perfect for people who expect the best for themselves.

Carbon Fiber Heating Pads

Carbon fiber is commonly known as a lightweight metal having immense strength. This material is widely used in super cars for its distinct properties. But the Relaxon MKIV, uses it as a next generation heating technology. The great thing about these carbon fiber heating pads is that they provide more quicker and stable heating as compared to heating modules used in other massage chairs.

Shoulder Height Adjustment

The new model also features Shoulder Height Adjustment technology which helps the chair identify massage points regardless of the height difference multiple users may have. It also helps identify acupressure points and is used to deliver a more personalized massage tailored to your body needs.

  • First Class Airplane Seats
  • 3 Stage zero gravity
  • Carbon Fiber heating modules
  • Shoulder Height Adjustment
  • Next Generation S-shape rail system
  • Adjustable Massage speed and intensity
  • 3 Programmable memory programs
  • 5 Automatic Massage Programs
  • Space Saver Massage chair
  • Full body stretching
  • Foot rollers are not present

Check The Current Price of Relaxon Massage Chair on Amazon


The chair comes with a 5 year warranty. For the first year, it would get cover all parts, labor and structural framework including any transportation costs. For the second year the company would be responsible for any any defects in the All parts and structural framework. While the rest of the warranty period only covers structural framework.

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