Zero Gravity Soft 3D EC01 Massage Chair REVIEW

The Zero Gravity is one of the new chairs in the market equipped with this technology. Besides all of its massage programs, airbags and massage techniques, this chair will put you in a posture where your spine will finally get some rest. This position allows the muscles to relax and enhances the massage letting the rollers go deeper. This chair will also help you to improve your posture with Compression and Percussion options.

  • This chair provides the user with a powerful and humanized full body massage. Thanks to its 4 Power Roller System that target the “Tsubo Points” on your neck.
  • It has 20 Airbags located in the lower body to massage the legs, thighs and feet helping increase blood circulation.
  • The Body Scan Technology allows the chair to scan your back to provide a better and more customized massage for everybody.
  • The users will be able to chose from different levels of intensity to accommodate their needs.
  • It comes with vibration in some parts like the buttocks area where you can find  a High Power Vibration Motor and Air Pressure Massage that will help loosen the muscles of your lower back.
  • With its Air Squeeze Massage in the Arms area, all the tension of your arms and hands will be relieved.
  • You can find multiple Massage Functions like Rolling, Kneading, Shiatsu, Compression and Percussion, Chop Action or Tapping and Flapping.
  • With its Kneading technique the chair works out the knots of your back to relax your muscles.
  • You can also improve your posture with its Compression and Percussion options, which increases flexibility and mobility too.
  • The Calves area come with Double-Layered air bags to enhance more pressure and relieve the stiffness of your legs.
  • This chair has 1 year of Warranty in case it needs to be repaired.
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