Electric Full Body Shiatsu 06C Massage Chair REVIEW

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The Electric Full Body Shiatsu helps relax your muscles and ease the tension. With its different massage techniques, more than 30 airbags squeeze and massage your muscles all over your body. One of the new features is the massage heads focused on the “Tsubo Points” on your neck, where almost all the stress and tension is accumulated.

  •  The Power Rollers of this chairs relax the body reducing the stress, fatigue and tension.
  • Its massage techniques Compression and Percussion improve flexibility and mobility.
  • You can find several programs like Recovery, Relax or Refresh.
  • More than 30 airbags will make sure to squeeze and massage your muscles to ease the stiffness.
  • A Built-in Heat Roller System adds heat to the massage making it easier for your muscles to get loosen.
  • Some of the massage heads are designed to focus on the “Tsubo points” on your neck for stress relieving.
  • 1 Year of Warranty of the chair stops working.
  • If the chair needs to be repaired, the buyer won’t have to pay for the shipping to send it back to repair.





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