Full Body Shiatsu Bed EC-69 Massage Chair REVIEW

The Full Body Shiatsu gives you the opportunity to have a massage chair within a low budget. It is one of the cheapest chairs in the market and gives excellent therapeutic massages. You can have your whole body massaged or just a particular spot with its rollers simulating the Shiatsu technique. The chair can be adjusted depending on the size of the user and it comes with several programs such us Percussion, Compression or Flapping.

  • The rollers of this chair simulate human fingers providing a Shiatsu massage all over your back going up and down.
  • Besides the Shiatsu massage, it also offers the Kneading technique which helps with the knots on the back.
  • The chair comes with the Vibration option that helps to relax your body and relieves the stress.
  • Some of the techniques that the chair can offer are compression and percussion which help improving flexibility and mobility.
  • To reduce soreness pain fasten, you can use Tapping and Flapping modes.
  • It comes with a total of 69 airbags scattered all over the chair to squeeze your muscles and get rid of tension.
  • With one year of warranty if something goes wrong.







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