INFINITY Altera Massage Chair REVIEW

The Infinity Altera chair has been designed to adjust to bigger and smaller users. With its L-Shaped roller track, the chair adjusts to the shape of your back to provide you with a customized massage that goes from the neck to the buttocks. Besides, to help your spine lose tension and make your muscles more susceptible to the rollers, it comes with 2 Zero Gravity Positions instead of just one.

  • The Altera comes with 6 different Massages Techniques: Rubbing, Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu and Combination.
  • With 2 Zero Gravity Positions to chose from.I
  • It features the L-Shaped Roller Track to provide a better and deeper massage, adjusting to the shape of your back.
  • It is equipped with Space-Saving Technology so the chair just needs to be places 3 inches from the wall.
  • The Bluetooth Technology allows the user to listens to music while getting the massage.
  • It comes with Rolling Massagers to provide with a Reflexology massage to your feet.It accommodates people from 4feet to 5 feet.
  • The Lumbar Heat feature gets ready the muscle for the massage making them to get loosen faster.
  • It has Airbags all over the chair to squeeze your muscles and relieve the tension.
  • It offers up to 3 years of Warranty if the chair needs to be repaired.
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