Titan Pro Executive Massage Chair REVIEW

The Titan Pro Executive chair is ideal for those that enjoy a deep massage that undoes all the knots. Thanks to its 3D Massage Technique that simulate human hands, this chair provides massages as real as the ones provided by a therapist. Not just focusing on your back but also on the lower part of your body, the Titan Pro comes with 40 Airbags in the ottoman to massage and squeeze your legs, and rollers at the bottom of your feet to massage your soles too. 5 different massage techniques, a LCD screen that allows the user to change any feature while the massage is on and 3D sound to customize your experience.

  • The Body Scan Technology takes care of you analyzing you body to adjust the pressure of the rollers, giving everyone a customized massage.
  • 3D Massage Roller technique to provide you with the best and deepest massage a chair can offer. These 4 rollers open and close simulating human hands so you can’t feel the difference between a professional and a chair massage.
  • The outer part of the shoulders is equipped with 2 airbags that give every user a more accurate massage depending on their body size, getting your shoulders ready for the rollers.
  • The Titan Pro has 3 rows of rollers at the bottom making it easy for them to reach your accupoints and offer an extensive feet massage to relieve pain and soreness for those that stand for a long time.
  • 9 Airbags are located around the lower back and buttocks area to reach the accupoints in that area and make it loosen.
  • With 40 Airbags positioned in the ottoman your calfs with get squeeze so they can relieve tension and stress.
  • Lumbar and Knee Heat helps to release pain, makes the muscles of the lower back loosen and helps the joints to recover and lose stiffness after a long day.
  • It has 5 different massage techniques including Knead, Shiatsu or Flap.
  • The LCD pedestal style remote makes your experience even easier allowing you to control all its features.
  • Its 3D Sound Experience lets you listen to your favorite music while you relax.





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