Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

This chair is all about the SWIVEL!  Any direction you would like to face or not face for that matter well this is the chair for you.  It is great for those open spaces where you may want your chair in multiple positions or you maybe lucky enough to have multiple views!   This is also a chair that looks more like an office chair and doesn’t have that bulky look or feel of some of the larger massage chairs.  Overall a great value and here are some of the major features:

  • Customized massage with BodyMap PRO® Control
  • 3D FlexGlide patent pending orbital massage technology
  • Patented warm air technology flows continually targeting lumbar area
  • Base swivels 55 degrees
  • Comfort pillow provides extented neck and shoulder support
  • 5 auto-programmed massage techniques
  • Retractable ottoman with foot-and-calf massager featuring proprietary Figure Eight® Technology

Massage chair price

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Osaki OS-1000 Deluxe

This Massage Chair comes in as one of the more reasonably priced Osaki Massage Chair Brand.  It packs a punch of features for this specific price category.  Check out the following features and review for more information.

  • Full-functioning massage options for ultimate relaxation
  • Manually control the massage speed
  • Four massage types including kneading, tapping, rolling and combination
  • Air message with six levels of intensity
  • Leg and back recline syncs for ultimate comfort
  • Vibration massage for the bottom and calves
  • 20 airbags located throughout the chair
  • 29-inch massage stroke to reach from the tailbone to the neck
  • 170 degree recline
  • Four-roller system conforms and flexes to your contours

Massage chair price

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Cheapest Massage Chairs of 2017 (Top 5)

Image Credits: Images Money


It’s a fact, massage chairs are one of the most expensive health care products you can buy for your family. And chairs like Inada Sogno Dreamwave are not in reach of everyone.


But the question is: do cheap massage chairs work? And are they really worth the investment?


To be honest, I don’t think investing in a big money today is a good decision, because there are so many brands nowadays that are offering massage chairs at affordable prices with almost the same features.


But just because the market is too much crowded with new products. I’m writing this guide to share this amazing collection of cheap massage chairs that have the best high-end features and durability.


Now while writing this guide, I was confused what to consider as cheap.  Since many people would consider $1500 as cheap, while others might be looking for something below $500. So I wrote this guide in the following format:


1 ) Best Massage Chair Under $$$$$:  Kahuna Lm6800

2) Best Massage Chair Under $$$$:  Ideal massage chair

3) Best Massage Chair Under $$$: Bestmassage ec-06c, ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair

4) Best Massage Chair Under $$: iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair


Best Massage Chair Under $$$$$:


Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

The lm6800 is the best selling product in Kahuna’s inventory. This chair is one of most feature-studded massage chairs on the market. It offers the longest available massage roller strokes known as the L-track. These rollers can massage you from your neck to your thighs while the rest of the body is massaged by the airbags. It also supports 3 zero gravity positions. A unique stretching program to improve flexibility and a bunch of other cool features. To read more about the chair you can read its full review.



1 ) L-track massage chair

2) Zero gravity chair (3 positions)

3) Heating modules for lumbar region and calfs

4) Dual foot rollers

5) Yoga Stretching program to improve flexibility

6) Computerized body scan

7) Shiatsu specialized massage sessions

8) Programs to target specific body parts

9) Space saving massage chair

10) Roller casters improve mobility

11) Customizable massage speed and intensity


Click Here To Check Price, Reviews and Discounts on this Chair


Best Massage Chair Under $$$$:


Special!!! 2017 Best Valued Massage Chair New Full Featured Luxury Shiatsu Chair

Ideal massage chair

The ideal massage chair is yet another great massage chair at a low budget. This chair comes with the S-track roller system, which are not as good as the L-track. But still can massage you to the deepest ends of your tailbone. It supports heat therapy for the lumbar region. The chair supports kneading balls, which are kind of a cheap replacement for the foot rollers.


Basically, these balls don’t move back and forth like normal rollers, but are pushed into your feet for a more enjoyable foot massage experience. It also supports a computerized body scan that helps deliver a more personalized massage. But zero gravity is not supported by this chair. Here is a list of all the features the chair has:



1 ) S-track massage robot

2) Heat Therapy

3) Computerized Body Scan

4) Shiatsu specialized therapy

5) Extendable Footrest

6) Adjustable Massage Speed and Duration

7) Roller Caster for improved mobility


CLick here to check price, reviews and possible discounts

Best Massage Chair Under $$$:


BestMassage Ec-06c Massage Chair

BestMassage Ec-06c

The Bm ec-06c is the best selling massage chair on Amazon. There are only a few full body massage chairs available at this price. And out of those, this one stands out. The bm ec-06c is one of the few chairs that specifically target tsubo points around the neck area to provide instant relaxation. These massage rollers cannot only target the neck, but their reach extends to the tailbone.


This chair features two sets of heating modules for heat therapy. One in the lumbar region and one for the feet. The chair also supports adjustable massage intensity.




1 ) S-track rollers

2) Heat therapy for lumbar and feet

3) Tsubo point targetted massage

4) Shiatsu specialized massage therapy

5) Adjustable massage intensity

6) Air pressure massage

7) Roller casters for improved mobilty


CLick here to check price, reviews


React Shiatsu Massage Chair

React Shiatsu cheap massage chair

ReAct shiatsu massage chair is another chair that grabs attention. The most exlusive thing you get with this chair is obviously the looks. It’s a gorgeous looking massage chair. You can’t even tell if it’s not a normal chair. The best thing I love about this chair is that it supports L-track massage rollers. Which literally no chair in this price is currently offering. You also get the lumbar heating modules.


Though, one thing that is not so good about the chair is that it’s not a full body massage chair. Yup, there is a price that you have to pay for the looks. With this massage chair, you won’t get the foot, arm and shoulder massager. So if you’re someone who is more into aesthetics, and is ready to compromise on the foot and arm massager for a cheap price. Then this is the chair to get.



1 ) Amazing Aesthetics

2 ) Cheapest chair supporting l-track

3) 2 Automatic massage programs

4) heat therapy for back pain

5) Spot massage targets specific body parts

6) Removable neck cushion

7) Roller casters


CLick here to check price, reviews


Best Massage Chair Under $$


iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair

iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair

The iJoy Active 2.0 is a really basic, but compact massage chair. It comes with 3 pre-set programs that can also be customized according to individual needs. The chair does have massage rollers for the back which can also be combined with vibration massage. Moreover, the chair supports width adjustment to manually change the focus onto any part that you feel needs more relief.


As  a whole, the chair is surely not crowded with features. But its something that you can’t really complaint at this price.



1 ) Massage Rollers

2) 3 Automatic Massage Programs

3) Cutomizable massage

4) Width adjustment

5) Ideal for small places

6) 45 Degree recline supported


CLick here to check price, reviews

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Best L-Track Massage Chairs (Top 5)

Are you searching for the best L-track massage chairs?


Well, you just landed on the perfect place on the Internet.


One of the most prominent features currently in massage chair industry is L-track. It is a roller track that is capable of massaging your body up from the neck deep down to your buttocks.


The reason it’s known as L-track is because these rollers not only massage the lower back of the user like the old S-track robot did. But also move ahead to the buttocks and thighs making an L shaped motion.


The feel of robotic massage heads working on your buttocks and top of the thighs is the last thing I would suggest you to compromise in your massage chair.


One of the most important things when you’re buying a massage chair is to know which features are a deal maker for you. They could be anything from zero gravity to posture correction. Depending on the purpose you’ve decided to spend on a massage chair.


And if L-track is in your list of deal makers. I have made things easy for you by listing 5 of the best l-track massage chairs available in the market with a short but comprehensive description of their overall features. Due to the capability of reaching far ends of your spine, these are also the best massage chairs for back pain sufferers.


Best L Design Massage Chairs

Titan Tp pro 8400

Infinity Iyashi

Infinity IT 8500 apex pro ultra Everchair evr-900
Brand/Model Titan TP-Pro 8400 Infinity Iyashi Kahuna LM-6800 Apex AP-Pro Ultra EverChair EVR-900
Massage Modes Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling, Combination and Punching Kneading, Tapping, Synchronic, Knocking, Shiatsu Kneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu _ Kneading, Compression, Tapping/ Shiatsu/Accupressue and Percussion

Zero Gravity


2 2 2 3 1
Body Scan Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Heat Massage Yes Yes Yes (Back and Foot) Yes (Lumbar area) Yes
Stretching No Yes Yes No No
Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage Neck and Shoulder Massage Neck and Shoulder Massage Neck and Shoulder Massage Neck and Shoulder Massage Yes
Lower Back Massage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foot Rollers Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Adjustable Massage


Yes Yes Yes (3 Levels) Yes Yes
Warranty 3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty 3 Years Warranty 3 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Price Check the price Check the price Check the price Check the price Out of Stock

TP-Pro 8400 Massage Chair

The TP-Pro 8400 is one of the first few chairs that came along with Titan TP-Pro Alpine featuring L-track. These chairs were brought in to the market after being inspired by the great success of Infinity Iyashi. The first chair that ever came with L-track.


This chair provides  a 50″ massage stroke which is greater than that of Infinity Iyashi – 49″.  So with this chair, you can expect the rollers not only to reach your buttocks, but also your upper hamstring as well.


The chair does beats the Infinity Iyashi in massage stroke, but I won’t recommend you to compare their features end to end. Simply because there is a huge difference in prices (see chart above).  But for a mid-range massage chair, the TP-Pro 8400 pretty much supports all the features for the price.


It supports zero gravity recline, computer body scan, heating modules, arm and hand massage, foot rollers and calf massage. One thing worth mentioning about the foot massage is that the foot rollers can get real intense when used in combination with the foot airbags that compress your feet down. For obvious reasons, the intensity of the foot massage can be controlled either by altering the speed settings or by shutting off the foot rollers.



1 ) L-Track Roller System (50″ massage stroke)

2 ) Zero gravity massage

3) Computer Body Scan

4) Heating Modules for lower back

5) Arm and Hand Massage

6) Foot rollers

8) Space Saver

9) 5 Preset Programs

10) Easy to assemble



1 ) No Stretch Program

2) No Vibration massage



Click Here For Detailed Customers Reviews, Price and Discounts on This Chair


Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair

Infinity Iyashi Comparison

Infinity Iyashi, a chair that pioneered the L-track roller system in massage chair industry. When Iyashi was first released, it was a chair of its own kind. And it isn’t too hard to guess why the chair became so popular among users, and is still one of the best selling chairs on Amazon.


With a 49″ massage stroke, it is the best massage chair for back pain sufferers.  In addition to L-track, the chair is completely studded with features. A unique feature in the chair is posture correction program, that uses airbags and massage rollers to revert your spine back into its natural position.


The chair also has 2 zero gravity positions. waist twist, synchronic massage (ability to program massage strokes according to the beat of music), iOS and Andriod app to let you control the chair from your phone.


The chair has one of the most intense stretching programs to date. Which Infinity calls the Thai Stretch. The stretching techniques make use of the extendable ottoman that grabs your feet with the help of airbags and extends, while the shoulder airbags pin your body against the chair in a zero gravity position.



1 ) L-track roller system (49″ massage stroke)

2) 2 zero gravity positions

3) Computer body scan

4) Heating modules (lumbar)

5) Synchronic massage

6) Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app controller

7) Posture Correction

8) Space saving chair

9) Chromotherapy (built in ambient and beautiful lights for dark rooms for a much relaxing experience)

10 ) Foot rollers

11) Extendable ottoman

12 ) Thai Stretching Program

13) Waist Twist





Click Here To Check Price, reviews on this Massage Chair


Kahuna LM6800 L Design Massage Chair

Kahuna LM6800

Kahuna Lm6800 is one of the most budget friendly massage chairs ever launched. But being budget friendly is not what earns it its place here. It’s the awesome features the chairs comes with.


At the time of this post, the chair is available for less than $2000, and is the cheapest chair in my knowledge which supports L-track. But wait…that’s not all!


Kahuna has also gifted this chair the blessing of 2 zero gravity positions. So if you’re a zero gravity lover, I don’t see a reason why you’d not want to have this thing in your home.


The Yoga Stretch program of this chair also deserves a mention here. It can give you a full body stretch with special focus on your pelvis and legs, hip twist, and can also let you combine stretching with massage sessions.  The chair has Shiatsu specialized auto programs which is the world’s most known massage therapy known for its countless benefits.



1 ) L Design massage chair (L-track)

2) 3 zero gravity positions

3) Computer Body Scan

4) Yoga stretch (stretches whole body vertically)

5) Quad rollers

6) Dual foot rollers

7) 5 different massage programs for different body portions

8) Automatically adjustable ottoman (fits even the tallest)

9) Hip Twist

10) Heat therapy for lower back and calf

11) Adjustable speed and pressure intensity

12) The cheapest massage chair for the features






Click Here To Check Price and Avail Discounts on This Chair


Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair

Apex Ap-Pro Ultra Massage chair

Like other chairs listed in this article, Apex AP-Pro is also one of the best l track massage chairs as it offers a 50 inch massage stroke – one of the longest in the industry.  But this chair is different.


Actually, it has dual hip rollers which spin in a a circular motion providing your buttocks and thighs a reflexology like massage. The airbags in the lower body of the chair not only keep you in place, but also push you against the rollers for a more effective and intense massage experience.


Unlike other chairs, it not only has foot rollers to trigger instant relaxation, but also supports calf rollers that do an excellent job in improving blood circulation. While most chairs only support airbags for calf massage.


But that’s not all…this chair has 3 zero gravity positions. And with that much of variety, you’re not likely to get fed up by the zero gravity reclines of this chair.


In addition, the chair comes pre-assembled. So you can just take the box out of the truck, tear off the packaging and get your first massage session started as quick as 10 minutes.



1 ) L-track massage chair (50″ inch massage stroke)

2) 3 Zero Gravity Position

3) Dual hip rollers

4) Foot rollers

5) Calf rollers

6) Hip twist stretching technique

7) Computerized body scan

8) Adjustable Massage Intensity

9) Auto Leg scan

10) Quad Rollers

11) Heat Therapy





Click Here For Detailed Customers Reviews, Price and Discounts on This Chair


EverChair EVR-900 Massage Chair

everchair evr-900 review

And now let me introduce you to the massage chair that supports the longest massage stroke of 50.4″. It is the EverChair evr-900. Infinity Iyashi no doubt was the first chair that introduced the worlds longest massage stroke. But the evr-900 beats the competition by 1.4″.


EverChair is not the worlds most well-known massage chair company yet. But a feature like this surely earns it its place here.  So if you wanted a massage chair with the longest massage stroke…there you have it!


In addition, the quad rollers of the l track robot mimic the touch and motion of human hands so precisely that their touch literally feels like a Massage Therapist taking care of your back. The chair saves a lot of space in a room compared to other chairs due to its space saving technology. You can easily place the chair 5-6 inches from the wall even when its fully reclined.


Moreover, the chair has a built in USB charger and headphone port. Other massage capabilities of this chair include Synchronic massage; which lets you program the massage strokes accordingly to the beat of music.



1 )Longest L-track massage stroke (50.4″)

2) Zero gravity massage

3) 3D body scan

4) Waist Twist

5) Space saving technology

6) Quiet Running

7) Synchronic massage

8)  Chromotherapy

9) Automatic adjustable ottoman

10) Adjustable massage intensity/speed

11) Heat Therapy

12) Removable Pillow



1 ) No foot rollers


Click Here For Detailed Customers Reviews, Price and Discounts on This Chair


The Winning Chair?

EverChair evr-900 is clearly a winner when it comes to L-track – as it supports the longest extended rollers. But in my opinion the Kahuna LM6800 is a better massage chair, simply because it supports better overall features. Like foot rollers and 2 zero gravity positions which you don’t get in evr-900.


The LM6800 also supports L-track with Yoga stretching. While there is no program available solely for the purpose of stretching in Everchair evr-900.


Keeping in mind the points I mentioned above, I don’t have any doubt recommending you Kahuna LM6800

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If you haven’t experienced a zero gravity massage chair, well here is your chance.  This Apex Pro Ultra Massage Chair has 3 levels of Zero Gravity.  The 3 levels is sort of the bench mark of the higher end massage chairs and hence the jump in price.  Check our the massage chair review for Apex vs other leading brands.

  • 3 Levels of Zero Gravity
  • Unique Foot Roller.
  • 5 Levels of Speed Adjustments.
  • Heating Function on Back.
  • Twist Bullock Function.
  • Full Body Stretching Function.
  • Unique L-Track to Massage Hip & Buttocks.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Width

Massage chair price

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5 Best Massage Recliner Chairs of 2017

Massage Recliner Chair

Although high-end zero gravity massage chairs have been ruling the massage chair industry for quite a long time. Simple Massage chair recliners are still popular among customers for they provide the basic features of a robotic massage chair at low costs.

So what really are the features that make these chairs a normal massage recliner? There are 3 reasons which distinguish them from high-end zero gravity chairs. Obviously enough, the first reason is that they don’t support massage in zero-gravity, but in normal reclining angles.

Second: They look more like normal recliners.  Some of these chairs look like regular chairs and don’t take up nearly the space the full sized zero-gravity massage chair would.  You may be able to use some of them as office desk chairs such as the Human Touch HT-3300.  Also check out the Cozzia which has a hip modern look and can pass as any regular chair that you see in a home or office setting.

And third: They cost way less than any of the high-end massage chairs.  You’re not going to get the features, such as oxygen blowing in your face or maybe music in the headrests but it will satisfy your basic needs at a lower cost.

Think you’ve got enough reasons to give massage recliners a chance? Well then, here are five of the top models of 2017 that provide more than they charge for.



Best Massage Recliner Chairs of 2017

Brand/Model Osaki OS-1000 Human Touch iJoy 2580 HomCom Deluxe Massage Recliner Human Touch  HT-3300 Best Massage Ec06
 Kneading&Tapping ,Kneading, Tapping and Rolling

Rolling, Kneading, Compression,  Percussion

Vibration/ 5 Preset Settings Rolling, Kneading, Compression, Percussion Kneading, Rolling, Tapping, Flapping, Compression,

Percussion, Shiatsu

Max Reclining


170 Degrees 165 Degrees 160 Degrees 170 Degrees 170 Degrees
Cup Holder No Yes Yes (2) No No
Heat Massage No No Yes No Yes
Foot and


Yes No No Yes Yes
Seat Massage Yes No Yes Only lower back massage Yes
Neck & Shoulder Massage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Normal Recliner


No Yes Yes Yes No




Yes (6 Levels) Yes (Softening Pad) No Yes (Varies with reclining position) No
Warranty 3 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Price Check the price Check the price Check the price Check the price Check the price

Osaki OS-1000 Massage Recliner Chair

If you’re familiar with Osaki’s massage products you might have noticed even with the most high-end features they are available at reasonable costs. The Os-1000 is another example of what I just said about Osaki.


At the time of writing this review, this chair is available on Amazon for only $1399 with features that can deliver the finest massage.


The inclusion of one of the longest massage strokes i.e., 29 inches makes this chair perfect for anyone suffering from lower back pain. With this reach the rollers can massage even the most far ends of your tailbone.


The intelligent Quad roller system can develop the massage path according to the specific shape and curvature of every user’s back.


When talking about high-end zero gravity massage chairs; airbag massage might not sound like a deal making feature, but in cheap recliners it actually is! Many of the normal massage recliners I’ve seen only have vibration massage and rollers as a core feature, but this chair not only provides vibration and roller massage, but also has airbags which makes it a winner for the price.


The chair can also provide “tsubo point” targeted neck massage which can be used to relieve your body from mental stress and to provide instant relaxation.


Moreover, the chair lets you alter the massage speed/intensity up to 6 levels making the massage a perfect fit to your mood and desire. This gives you the freedom to try creative massages like the most intense with the slowest or the fastest strokes with the lightest intensity.


1. Massage stroke of 29 inches
2. Tsubo point Neck massage
3. Adjustable Massage intensity/speed
4. Rollers are adjusted accordingly to every back curvature.
5. vibrating seat massage
6. 5 Preset Programs: Health Care, Full Body Relax, Therapy, Neck/Shoulder, Back/Lumbar
7. Wheel casters make it easy to move the chair


1. Doesn’t looks like a normal recliner
2. No heat massage


>>Click here for detailed customer reviews, price and discounts on this chair<<


Human Touch iJoy 2850 Massage Recliner Chair

Massage Recliner Chair

The iJoy 2850 comes with 3 pre-programmed massage modes capable of setting you free from your back problems. These modes include: refresh entire back, relieve neck and shoulder and relieve lower back.


You can either choose one of these modes or can manually select a massage targeting areas which you think need the most attention. The only problem you might experience with the neck massage is that is doesn’t really covers all of the neck, but the part that joins it with the shoulders.


There is no seat massage in this recliner which means if you can’t compromise on buttock, thigh or glutes massage this chair might not be for you.


One of the best things about this chair is that it doesn’t only looks like a normal recliner, but makes you feel like one when you sit on it. There is a cup holder on the right armrest of the chair that holds any kind of drink you place in it even when it is in action.


There is no automatic function in the chair to adjust massage intensity; instead Human Touch provides a softening massage pad that can be slided in or out to maintain the desired intensity. Customers on Amazon have mentioned that the softening pad works really well when it comes to adjusting massage intensity. You can click here to read all customers reviews for this chair on Amazon.


1. Normal massage recliner look
2. 3 Auto programs including: Entire back refresh, Shoulder and neck relieve, Lower lumbar relief
3. Removable softening pad
4. A cup holder
5. Wheels for improved mobility


1. No heat massage
2. No seat massage
3. No foot or calf massager
4. No airbags


>>Click here for detailed customer reviews, price and discounts on this chair<<


Homcum Deluxe Massage Recliner Chair

Massage chair recliner homcum

The main attractions of this chair are that its’ a rocking chair with heat/vibration massage, 2 levels of adjustable massage speed, and 2 cup holders for less than $500.


The extendable footrest makes the chair look like a normal sofa when not in use.


It has 5 vibrating preset programs that can be used with heat massage, and can rock and spin upto 360 Degrees.


Although, the chair has maintained a really good rating of 4.1 Stars even after getting reviewed 70 + times. There are some drawback in this chair that you might want to take into consideration before going for the purchase.


First of all, almost every negative review has mentioned that the chair can’t automatically recline, but you have to push it backwards to get it in a reclined position which they didn’t find comfortable. And same is the case while extending the footrest with your feet.


Another customer reported that the chair isn’t comfortable for anyone above 5 inches tall as none of his family members were able to fit in the chair. Click here to read all customer reviews.


1. Heat Massage
2. Vibration massage with 5 preset settings
3. 2 Cup holders
4. Adjustable massage speed
5. Normal Recliner Look
6. A rocking chair


1. Back rest can’t automatically recline
2. Footrest requires great muscle power from the back of the legs to extend.
3. Not comfortable for people above 5″ tall
4. Feels like falling ahead while in a rocking position


>>Click here for detailed customer reviews, price and discounts on this chair<<


Human Touch HT-3300 Massage Recliner Chair

Reclining massage chair human touch ht 3300

Human touch 3300 is one of the most good looking massage recliner chairs available under $1000 (at the time of this review). This chair doesn’t only looks good, but is capable of providing a full body massage which covers your back (from neck to lower back) and foot /calf area.



The chair comes pre-programmed with 3 massage programs: Refresh, Relieve and Release.


The refresh program massages your entire back with a combination of different massage modes developed by Human Touch to provide instant relief. While the Relieve and Release programs are there to target your neck/shoulders and lower back area. Each of these invigorating massage sessions last for 15-minutes.


You can even manually create your own massage by combining or selecting between Kneading, Rolling, Compression and Percussion targeting the area you think needs the most attention.


One of the features that I recommend everyone to have in their massage recliner is a rotatable foot and calf massager. It not only makes your chair capable of massaging a wide range of your body, but also gives it the perfect look of a normal chair recliner when not in use as it is one of the biggest reason why customers prefer to buy recliners instead of heavy and odd looking massage chairs.


The chair is backed by a 3 year solid warranty by Human Touch.


1. 3 massage programs for complete back massage.
2. Rotatable Footrest
3. Normal Recliner Look
4. Change reclining Angle with the push of a button.
5. Different massage intensities at different reclining positions.


1. No heat massage
2. No seat massage
3. No cup holder


>>Click here for detailed customer reviews, price and discounts on this chair<<

BestMassage Recliner Ec-06C

recliner massage chair best massage ec-06cAlthough, this brand is not that well-known, but still this Shiatsu chair competes head to head with Osaki-1000. There are a lot of features to talk about in this chair so let me start with its intelligent roller system which adjusts itself according to the curvature and structure of your back giving you the massage solely designed for your back needs.


Love massage chairs that reach for the tailbone? Then this might be the best exchange for your money as its extensive massage stroke range allows the massage heads to reach your tailbone.


And it doesn’t ends there! Best Massage has included 20 airbags for lower body massage that can target your buttocks, thighs and calves.


These airbags coordinate with vibration motors to give one of the most intense buttock massage. While it massages your thighs with double-layered airbags.


The massage rollers target the tsubo points high up from the neck to provide instant relaxation from stress.


The chair also supports foot and calf massager with airbags and heat support (for soles and lumbar area) for less than a $1000.


But before you buy this chair make sure you read customers are saying on Amazon. Though, the chair has maintained an overall positive rating from happy customers, there are some negative reviews that complain about poor customer service.


One of the customers mentioned that the company doesn’t sends anyone to repair any flaws, but asked him to find someone to deal with the repairs and the company will pay the bill. Which makes sense because the seller has mentioned in the product details that the 1 year warranty does not includes labor.


If you decide to buy this chair you should be ready to find someone on your own for repairs (if any present), but I would recommend returning it back in the first 30 days to avoid inconvenience. You can click here to read all of the customer reviews.


1. Intelligent Massage Rollers adjust themselves according to your back
2. Extended Range for tailbone reach
3. Heat Massage (Lumbar + foot)
4. Adjustable Massage Intensity
5. Buttock and Thigh massage
6. Foot and Calf Massager
7. Tsubo point targeted neck massage
8. Wheel casters for improved mobility


1. No labor warranty
2. Doesn’t looks like a normal recliner


>>Click here for detailed customer reviews, price and discounts on this chair<<


As a final word, I will divide my recommendations for 2 group of customers. If you’re from the first group that can’t compromise on buying a chair that looks like a normal recliner; Human Touch HT-3300 is the chair to go, as it doesn’t only looks good but also has just the right tools for a perfect massage.


As for the ones who want the most feature-studded chairs no matter how they look on affordable rates, I’d recommend purchasing Osaki OS-1000 or Best Massage Ec06 (If you’re willing to take the risk). Hope this article helped you find the perfect chair of your dreams.

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